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Fueled by passion and precision to make the best we can in all aspects of our builds, we are Cars & Coffee Garage. From general maintenance to full chassis swaps and motor building, we are the one stop shop. Specializing in vintage motorcycles and classic cars, we aim to give the best service, customer experience and community around the process of any project.
"My first car was a 1967 Mustang coupe and my first motorcycle was a 1978 Honda CB750K. I drove both year around in New York putting close to 15,000 miles on my '67 each year. My passion for four and six cylinder motorcycles and mustangs has grown into what everyone calls Cars & Coffee Garage!"
     -David Gavin, Owner, Head Mechanic

" I am a seasoned machine shop welder and cnc specialist. Working with Fusion 360 and some of the best tools in the industry to turn blocks of metals into beautiful parts that not only perform well, but are exquisite to see."

     -Travis Silbernagel, Owner, Head  Machinist

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